Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Buy Shoes Online

Shoes enable us to be on our feet all day without feeling discomfort. Some shoes do it better than others and that’s what makes them very desirable. It has to do with everything from good raw material to excellent craftsmanship. There are as many kinds of branded shoes for many as the variety of occasions and places where you wear them to. The best way to hunt for the perfect pair is to either go from shop to shop, narrow down the one you like and then go back and buy it, or you could simply browse and buy shoes online.

Buy shoes online to be able to choose from a vast collection of shoes of all kinds. You can go back and narrow down or change your choice as many times as you want without having to put up with irritable sales men. Shop at a time that suits you and not be restricted by timings that the store is open. Pick up a single item or many and try at the comfort of your home. Easy return and exchange policies make shopping a pleasurable experience. One of the leading online shoe stores, Engross, has a wonderful collection of shoes of all styles.

Be it a business meeting or a get-together with friends, branded shoes for men are readily available online. From loafers to oxfords, every style men prefer to wear are up for grabs. Log on and browse through the amazing collection and be enthralled by the sheer variety, awesome construction and styling. There is something to meet everyone’s standards and liking. All you have to do is order with a click and have it delivered for free, right where you want it. Comfort, styling and quality are the core requirements for any shoe that features on the Engross website and when you shop with us, you can be sure that you are shopping with the very best.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pick the Perfect Shoe - Engross

Shoes are our constant companion and a pair that glides on effortlessly and feels as fit as a glove is a delight to have. It is easy to be carried away by the variety of shoes on offer and base decisions on the basis of looks but this is hardly the right approach. Select a pair that gives the best fit and never compromise and settle for a pair that the salesman tells you will eventually take the shape of your feet. The worst fitting shoes come dressed as the best deals.

Here is your guide for the best footwear selection

• Decisive Evenings – You have heard it before and we will tell you again that this is indeed the best time to shop for shoes. As the day progresses your feet tend to swell and a shoe that fits perfectly early in the morning may not fit so well later in the day.

• Measurements Help – Never buy a shoe based on the size mentioned on the shoe but based on the measurements of your foot. Most of us have a small difference in size between either foot; always buy a shoe that fits the larger foot. Have your feet measured while standing as they tend to expand slightly on contact with the ground and due to the influence of the weight of the entire body.

• Just Right – The shoe should not be so tight that it pinches the feet and it should not be so loose that the shoe keeps slipping off the feet as you walk. There should be ample space for the toes to wiggle easily and be snug enough to not slip off. It should follow the natural contours of your feet.

• Fits rarely change for the better – If a shoe feels uncomfortable when you try on the pair at the store, it is unlikely that you will break into them any time soon and wearing an ill-fitting pair can be a nightmare. So walk around the store in them and make sure they are perfect in every way. If it doesn’t feel good right away, it probably never will.

• Walk in Walking Shoes – When you buy shoes for the sole purpose of walking, aerobics, formal meetings and the like, make sure that you buy the ones crafted especially for that. Not only will your feet feel better, you will be comfortable throughout and even perform better.

• Comfort above all else – Ensure that the shoe offers adequate arch support and choose materials that are gentle on the feet. Hard materials that scrape the foot can lead to corns and calluses and tend to be quite a pain. Soft leathers for the shoe upper and a sturdy, non-slip sole are a must. Also, a thicker sole is much more comfortable as it absorbs a lot of pressure that the feet bear during walking, running and even standing. Engross has a comprehensive range of comfortable shoes both for business and casual wear.

If you value your feet, invest in the best quality shoes and feel the difference for years to come.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Know Your Shoes - Different Kinds and Appropriateness

Shoes for men may seem very similar but there are differences, small and big which can help you tell apart one from the other and decide what suits your personality and purpose the best. Telling the difference between Balmorals and Bluchers may not just mean that you will be able to relish the finer points of shoe construction but is also a great conversation starter.

Bluchers – A shoe with open lacing, it comes in many shades and styles and can be paired with business casuals but never to an important meeting or a formal event. Often confused with Oxfords, these are less formal than them and are also called Derby. The ones with pinhole detailing called brogueing, are best when worn with casuals.

Balmorals – Also called Oxfords, these shoes have closed style lacing. Very formal, these are appropriate for black tie events and high profile business meets and are preferably worn in black. Dark brown or lighter tones can be worn to less formal occasions. Simple and classy, these are just right for any formal setting.

Monk – A loafer in fine leather that comes with a strap on top of the shoe across it is called a monk. It can be made suitably more formal and casual by a subtle variation in the strap width and the colour. As a rule, the wider the strap the more casual it is and the darker the colour of the shoe, the more formal it becomes. In fact, you can pair a black Monk with a business suit without compromising on comfort.

Loafers – A casual slip-on shoe, it comes in a range of colours and styles. They can be teamed with chinos, jeans and khakis for maximum impact. From a leather sole to a rubber one, it has many variations and it ensures comfort all day long. Engross has amazing options for Loafers.

Boots – High ankle tops, such as the Sturdy Boots from Engross, are called boots and they can be worn as dress shoes and also as outdoor shoes. In black and with minimalistic detailing, these shoes can be worn to work. Available in leather, suede and many different materials and colours, these shoes are a delight to wear for the comfort they afford the wearer. With their ankle support and adequate cushioning, it is perfect for long work hours. Buy a pair of sturdy and comfortable boots to go hiking or for other outdoor activities.

Sneakers – Each sport comes with a recommendation for a particular style of shoe for optimal performance. Tennis shoes and walking shoes, for example, are not, and should not be used considered interchangeable. Give your best in any sport by choosing the perfect shoe for the same. Wear them with casual or sportswear and never try to pass them off as dress wear.

After you can tell apart your shoes, try to have a representation from all categories in your wardrobe to add variety and have an option ready for any event. Apart from these you may want to add a pair of slippers or sandals for lounging at home.

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Perfect Shoes for every Occasion - from Dances to Office

For the uninitiated, the choice of shoes can be mind boggling and difficult to fathom. Graduating from college wear shoes to a wider variety for every occasion, where mistakes can sometimes be unforgivable, there is really no harm in seeking directions. Once you can tell your Oxfords apart from the Monks, half the battle is won. When shopping for shoes keep in mind the exact place and function for the shoe. Trying to buy a multi-purpose shoe is like trying to find a t-shirt fit to be worn to the board room.

For the most formal of occasions, go for Oxfords and you cannot go wrong. Engross’ Oxford shoe fits the bill perfectly. Ditch the square shaped toes and keep it sleek like the rest of your attire. While black is the most formal and is perfect for pairing with your best suits, a dark brown also makes the cut. Their closed lacing and classic looks are the perfect companion for a three piece suit. Wear them without any second-thought about their appropriateness at the important corporate meeting, for ballroom dancing or for a power lunch.

Next in the order is the Wingtip which is a wonderful dress shoe that can be made many times more formal or very casual just by altering the colour and detailing. By playing around with the colour, you can choose a dark wingtip and confidently pair it with a suit or you can lighten the shoe to a really light brown or tan and wear it with denims. A truly versatile shoe,such as the Watson Brogue from Engross, this is a must have in every wardrobe.

If you rate comfort over all else, the Monk is your dress shoe. It can be bought in a thin strap and worn to the most formal affairs, including business meets. A black monk is the perfect shoe for formal occasions while a brown one is preferred by older men or a thick strapped one, by younger men for casual wear.

The Loafer comes in many avatars and Engross has the perfect Loafers on offer. The ones in canvas or the DeckShoe is ideally worn on the ship deck and even for lounging. It is a smart shoe for casual wear for slightly warmer weather and can be very impactful when crafted well. When styled as a Moccasin in soft leather, they can even be worn as business shoes and can be effectively teamed up with jeans for a night out with friends.

A Boot that is constructed with fine detailing and construction can be used for business wear when bought in black. It should be polished and buffed like any formal shoe. On the other hand, a boot in a lighter shade and with a tough look is more suitable for the outdoors. It should be sturdy and be able to weather rough conditions. Don’t fuss over cleaning it too much as the aging gives the shoe another dimension.

As a general rule, the darker the colour of the shoe and subtler the details, the more formal it is.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Breaking Traditional Barriers for Casual and Formal Wear Shoes

Traditions are the guidelines that define what is appropriate, where. While it is easy to follow the rules and be classy all the time, rules are meant to be broken. By keeping the overall look conservative you can gel with the crowd and stand out by adding a twist to your footwear. A great pair of shoes does not necessarily mean a black leather shoe; it can be anything that compliments your personality, mood and event. You could be in a pair of cobalt blue oxfords and look every bit as classy or even more so than your conservatively dressed counterparts. When you wear your attitude with confidence in the form of shoes that are statement makers, you are never short of attention.

Make sure you have the personality to carry off vivid colours and designs before you kick off in an elongated toe or pop coloured shoe. If you are an introvert and avoid attention like the plague, you should stick to neutral colours like black and brown. But of late, burgundy and olive green have also established themselves as routine colours and you could try to go with them when the urge to splurge on colour strikes.

For the gregarious and outgoing man, the sky is the limit. You could wear any colour from fuchsia, red and orange to ink blue, lime green and many more. Try out contemporary styles in funky colours or funky styles in traditional colours or a blend of eclectic colour scheme and designing to your best advantage. Pair such shoes with muted clothes in basic construction to ensure the shoe remains the focus of attention as it is meant to.

For the truly flamboyant man, a riot of colours only helps define his personality. Not for the faint hearted, he can carry off a patterned shirt with bright chinos and a contrasting shade of shoes. Go in for the trendiest colours of the season and mix and match with contrasting and complementing colours for maximum impact. Go with your instinct and with your attitude to back your instinct, you can rarely go wrong.

More and more people are doing away with dress shoes as the norm for wedding wear and even for the Groom. They prefer to go with their personality and make a unique style statement. It is the same at the office also where the Oxfords are being increasingly replaced by the Monks for their added comfort and trendier look. And the reverse is equally true as well. More young people than before are taking to pairing their distressed jeans, chinos and khakis with balmorals and bluchers. With oodles of confidence and an eye for the funky, you can easily slip from being the classically styled man to the contemporary metro-sexual man who is not afraid to express himself.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Shoe Care Tips

Well made shoes crafted from genuine premium leather are an investment. They call for proper care and maintenance to not just make them as good as new but also to increase their life. A few simple pointers will enable you to care for them and make it a routine that you will follow automatically after some practice.

• Invest in a shoe tree or two – Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have as many shoe trees as you have formal shoes. Any shoe needs to use a shoe tree for just an hour or so after being worn. An unpolished cedar wood shoe tree works best as the wood draws out the moisture (sweat) from the shoe and helps it fall back into its original shape. After that you can remove the shoe tree from the shoe.

• Leather shoe polish – Clean the shoe with a soft damp cloth and scrub away any dirt. Apply polish in a circular motion and take little polish each time, taking care not to overdo it. The more you rub, the better the shoe shines. Buff with a horsehair polishing brush and a clean cloth. For best results apply a conditioning lotion with a soft cloth.

• Suede care – Never use a polishing brush but a specific suede brush. When unavailable, a soft toothbrush can be substituted for the same. Nubuck has a finer nap than suede but should also be cleaned using a suede brush or a brush with rubber bristles.

• Air your Shoes – Give your shoes a breather; alternate between shoes and try not to wear a single pair consecutively. This helps in retaining the shape of the shoe as the leather needs time to come back to its original shape.

• Save from Heat and Water – Nothing spoils shoes faster than heat and water. Excessive heat can almost ‘cook’ your shoe’s leather and cause it to crack beyond repair. Excessively moist places or damp shoes attract mould and fungus which when formed on the shoe is near impossible to clean. If you happen to get them wet, stuff them with newspaper to draw out the moisture and let them air dry at room temperature.

• Shoe Bags – When you travel, your shoes tend to rub against each other and will cause scuff marks and stains. To avoid this, use shoe bags to pack them separately and save them from any damage.

• Shoe Horn to the Rescue – Never force your feet into shoes as this can causes them to lose shape from the heel collar and counter area. By using a shoe horn, you can slip on the shoe easily and also prolong its life.

• Home remedy for Salt Stains – For salt stains accumulated on the shoes, rub off with a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water. Ensure that you dry out the shoe completely, after treating with this solution, before storing them. Treat your shoes well and they will see you through many years of comfortable wear.